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Couples Therapy

What to expect from the couples’ therapy process?

In the initial sessions, I ask the couple share the difficulties that led them to seek counseling. I want to understand not only your challenges, but the strengths in your relationship. As I get to know you, my feedback includes a different perspective which will help you approach your problems in a more productive way. I also offer suggestions as to how you can engage with each other to improve communication and understanding.

Throughout this process, I strive to create a safe and neutral environment in which both partners feel heard and comfortable sharing their experience.

Intensive Couples Therapy

Intensive couples therapy is for couples who need more immediate results than traditional, weekly couples treatment. If you need to resolve a crisis, come to a decision about a time-sensitive issue or to relieve from acute distress, intensive couples therapy may be right for you. Intensive couples therapy involves meeting 2-3 sessions per week for extended sessions.

Here are some issues intensive couples therapy can address:

  • affairs
  • recent separation
  • escalation of conflict
  • exhaustion from persistent, irresolvable issues



Dr. Feldman is a clinical psychologist who has been providing therapy and counseling in the Cambridge, Wellesley, Newton areas for over fifteen years. You may call her at 978-219-4525 or fill out her contact form below.

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