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Parent Guidance

Parenting is challenging under the best of circumstances.

Added to this, parents can be hard on themselves. Juggling responsibilities, too little time for ourselves, and addressing our families’ needs can be exhausting and overwhelming.

In addition to the emotional and physical demands, we can feel at a loss as to how to address our child’s challenges.

What behaviors are normal and when should we be concerned? Is our child too anxious, too disengaged, too isolated, too distracted, or too easily influenced by peers?

In my approach to parent guidance, I offer an objective perspective that can help parents assess what their child needs and ways to meet them. I can also connect parents with important resources that make their lives easier.

I also help parents develop empathy for doing the toughness job there is—parenting. I frequently meet with both parents to help them negotiate differences in their parenting approaches and styles.

Dr. Feldman is a clinical psychologist who has been providing therapy and counseling in the Cambridge, Wellesley, Newton areas for over fifteen years. You may call her at 978-219-4525 or fill out her contact form below.

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Dr. Feldman is offering therapy by phone or video call while we are asked to stay at home.

Parent Guidance is offered by Dr. Feldman to help with parenting issues. Helping Newton and Wellesley region.