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Intensive Couples Therapy

Intensive Couples Therapy

Intensive couples therapy is for couples who need more immediate results than traditional, weekly couples’ treatment.

If you need to resolve a crisis, come to a decision about a time-sensitive issue or to relieve from acute distress, intensive couples therapy may be right for you.

Intensive couples therapy involves meeting 2-3 sessions per week for extended sessions.


Here are some issues intensive couples therapy can address:

  • affairs
  • recent separation
  • escalation of conflict
  • exhaustion from persistent, irresolvable issues

Dr. Feldman is a clinical psychologist who has been providing therapy and counseling in the Cambridge, Wellesley, Newton areas for over fifteen years. You may call her at 978-219-4525 or fill out her contact form below.

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Dr. Feldman is offering therapy by phone or video call while we are asked to stay at home.

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