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Welcome to my resources section where you will find a variety of articles I wrote addressing many day to day issues. I encourage you to contact me if you feel like you do need help with anything that is a burden on your life.

Helpful Tips for Couples (Wellesley, Weston Magazine by Dr. Feldman)

Are you looking for some helpful tips to improve your relationship? Please check my article that appeared in the Wellesley/Weston Magazine last month. In it, you will find ways to foster connection and better communication with your partner or spouse. The steps I recommend can be easily implemented as we are social distancing and spending more time at home. Please feel free to email me with questions or comments.

Why are relationships so hard? Part 1

To understand one reason why relationships are so hard, we need to look at the 17+ years we lived under our parents’ roofs…

What is intimacy and how do you rebuild it?

Intimacy is a type of connection between partners that provides a sense of vitality and aliveness. So what do you do when it starts to disappear?

In the wake of an affair, can our relationship survive?

The discovery of an affair is devastating for both partners. So what do you do if this happens to you?

How to get along better with your teen in 4 easy-ish steps

There’s no better way to improve a relationship with your teen kid than putting yourself in the other’s person shoes. Try these four steps!

The Date Night Myth

Why date nights won’t help your relationship but what can. Click here to learn more about the little tune-up things that can be implemented to pull your relationship from a B- to an A. by Dr. Tamara Feldman, Clinical Psychologist, Newton/Wellesley

How to reduce conflict in your marriage

Conflict is part of all relationships but there are things that can be done to minimize it and its impact. Click here to learn more about what can be done to reduce conflict and to come out with a good resolution where both sides win.

Start improving your marriage right now

5 Steps to better communication you can start doing to help and improve your marriage today. Click here to read more. by Dr. Tamara Feldman, Clinical Psychologist, Newton/Wellesley

Five ways to fight better with your spouse

Although nobody enjoys a fight, there are things you can practice so that you and your spouse can come to a quick and effective resolution. Read my article to learn what shows to be an effective way in resolving things during a fight.

Feel free to share any of these articles on your social media. I hope that these can help in making your lives a little easier, and if you do need help with these or other issues then please contact me. Feel free to visit my Patch webpage where you can find these and other articles.